Teacher - Title 1 Secondary

Thursday, December 7, 2017
Pontiac Academy for Excellence
Position Details: 

JOB TITLE: Title 1 Teacher
DEPARTMENT: Secondary School

As a year-round employee, the Title I Teacher will create and facilitate a learning environment that meets the needs of all students assigned to that classroom by the Academy.

 Shall possess a valid State of Michigan Teaching Certificate with the appropriate endorsement(s) for all subject area(s) being taught.
 Must have evidence of meeting highly qualified requirements, as defined by No Child Left Behind.
 Must assume responsibility for following state guidelines to keep certification current and valid.
 Criminal background check and criminal history check required.

Title I Teachers must have the ability to perform the following job duties and responsibilities on a regular and consistent basis:
 Provide individualized instruction that is consistent with the identified needs area, which is aligned to grade level curriculum, the Michigan Curriculum Framework and the set of minimal skills developed by the Academy for each grade level span.
 Deliver modified instruction and facilitate student activities, including development of lesson plans, classroom materials and homework assignments when necessary under the direction of the Principal/MTSS Coordinator.
 Teach Title I subjects (reading, language arts and/or mathematics and science) at specified grade level and engage students in a self-contained classroom environment.
 Document student entry level of performance and periodically assess progress toward mastery of Title I target areas.
 Work with administration and classroom Teacher to develop a schedule for Title I student services and auxiliary services.
 Create a learning environment that addresses the multiple learning styles and modalities of the students that work in that environment.
 Maintain a clean and safe workspace.
 Provide instruction that addresses the unique ability levels and growth of each student.
 Modify instruction and provide accommodations for students with special needs as directed by the Principal/MTSS Coordinator and Special Education Teacher.
 Represent a positive role model to students.
 Relate well with an urban population and be able to lead, instruct and motivate urban students to learn.
 Monitor all students before, after and throughout the school day, both inside and outside the classroom, to ensure their safety, health and well-being.
 Prepare accurate attendance records, grades, report cards and progress reports as directed by the Principal/MTSS Coordinator and submit for review by established deadlines.
 Supervise classroom activities, maintaining appropriate classroom management and discipline.
 Attend school activities outside regular school hours such as Parent/Teacher conferences, orientation, concerts, etc., as requested or directed by the Principal/MTSS Coordinator.
 Collaborate with coworkers to establish alignment and continuity of instruction throughout the grade levels and curriculum areas.
 Actively participate in the school improvement process by serving on SIT teams and school improvement goal committees as directed.
 Actively participate in professional development days scheduled by the Academy.
 Complete coursework and attain graduate credits necessary to maintain teaching certification.
 Respond to school-related phone calls within twenty-four hours of the time the call was made.
 Check faculty mailbox at least three times every school day (i.e. before school, lunchtime, after school).
 Respond to administrative requests such as providing homework/makeup work for students, discipline referrals, administrative paperwork, etc., in a timely manner.
 Attend weekly scheduled staff meetings.
 Communicate both positive and negative behaviors and classroom achievement to parents/guardians of students through phone calls, written communications, arranged individual conferences, etc.
 Maintain consistent and regular attendance.
 Respect the confidentiality of students in the classroom, in discussions with coworkers and in discussions with parents of other students.
 Maintain a professional demeanor in appearance and interaction with coworkers, parents, students, etc., both during the school day and when representing the school at outside activities.
 Maintain availability for MTSS related summer projects as approved/directed/assigned by the Principal/MTSS Coordinator.

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