High School Principal

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Paw Paw Public Schools
Position Details: 


Job Title:   High School Principal  
Job Type: Full-time, 12 months, non-union Administrative position Start Date: July 1, 2018 
JOB DESCRIPTION: The high school principal is responsible for maintaining focus on the mission and vision of the school and leading in a manner which will increase student achievement and develop a system to organize site operation in accordance with the Board of Education policies. The Principal is responsible for maintaining a positive, safe school climate.   


  • Master’s Degree and current Administrative Certification required.
  • Minimum of 5 years successful classroom teaching experience required. Previous administrative experience at the HS level preferred.   


  • Lead schools in a way that places student and adult learning at the center.
  • Set high expectations for the performance of all students and adults.
  • Demand content and instruction that ensure student achievement of agreed upon academic standards.
  • Create a culture of continuous learning for adults tied to student learning and other school goals.
  • Use multiple sources of data as diagnostic tools to assess, identify and apply instructional improvement.
  • Actively engage the community to create shared responsibility for student and school success.
  • Reference Board of Education policies and use Administrative Guidelines when determining programs and operations at the school.
  • Show proven ability to analyze, problem-solve, make decisions and accept responsibility
  • Demonstrate ability to work well in a team environment
  • Set high expectations of academic success for all students
  • Use 21st century technology skills
  • Have experience with diverse populations of students including those with special needs
  • Possess knowledge and experience with developing school improvement goals and activity implementation
  • Use skills for gathering and analyzing data to inform instruction
  • Show proven ability to evaluate performance of teachers, programs and support staff
  • Use effective communication skills that promote a collaborative atmosphere with staff, students, parents and community members 
  • Have working knowledge of school budget and pupil accounting principles