Athletic Director

Friday, June 15, 2018
Glen Lake Community School
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      Glen Lake Community Schools
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    General Summary
    The Secondary Assistant Principal/Athletic Director is primarily responsible for directing and coordinating all activities of the Athletic Department.  He/She is also responsible for other administrative duties at the high school.  He/She is accountable to the lead secondary principal.  He/She ensures the education of athletes is in alignment with the Glen Lake Community Schools Athletic Program’s mission statement.
    Administrative Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Ensures compliance with Playing Fair: A Guide to Title IX in High School and College Sports.
    2. Oversees all ticket sales and the handling of ticket revenue.
    3. Prepares financial reports of all revenues and expenditures for all athletic contests.
    4. Issues all passes and complimentary tickets.
    5. Maintains eligibility records for all current sports teams.
    6. Handles matters pertaining to insurance and processing of medical claims.
    7. Checks the readiness of all facilities for teams and spectators prior to game time.
    8. Regulates the use of the press box and the public address system.
    9. Be responsible for regulations concerning visiting scouts.
    10. Makes arrangements and maintains records for physical examinations for athletes.
    11. Supervises or arranges for supervision for all home athletic events.
    12. Arranges for the ordering and the presentation of letters and other athletic awards.
    13. Arranges for payments to other schools for invitational, etc.
    14. Meets with coaches, athletes and parents (pre-season) to interpret State/District/Building policies for athletes (including academic expectations).
    15. Maintains inventory of athletic equipment and supplies.
    16. Responsible for some evaluations of teachers with common certifications.
    17. Other administrative duties as required.

    Scheduling Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Schedules all on and off site home and away interscholastic athletic contests (including off site activities such as football, soccer, basketball, etc.).
    2. Coordinates and contracts for athletic trainers for appropriate athletic events when resources are available;
    3. Arranges for ambulance service at football games;
    4. Makes arrangements for emergency medical care.
    5. Arranges for the transportation of all athletic teams.
    6. Works with the coaches to plan transportation and appropriate supervision at away contests in compliance with district travel policy and guidelines.
    7. Coordinates the planning of such events as athletic assemblies, Parents Night, Homecoming, Banquets, Booster Club Activities, etc. and clears them with the Principal.
    8. Prepares all game contracts, specifying the date, time, and location.
    9. Employs and pays all contest officials, security and personnel involved in operating the contest.
    10. Sets up the flag raising ceremony and the playing of the National Anthem.
    11. Reconfirms the athletic contest, one week prior to the game date, with the visiting school and game officials.
    12. Handles all matters pertaining to media broadcasts.
    13. Schedules facility use of the high school gym, outside senior high facilities
    14. Arranges athletic practice schedule.
    15. Other scheduling duties as requested.


    • Current standards for Michigan secondary administrator certification.
    • Current Michigan secondary teaching certification.
    • Master’s degree minimum.
    • Minimum of three (3) years successful secondary teaching/administrative experience.
    • Strong background in curriculum.
    • Demonstrated educational leadership.
    • Ability to communicate effectively and work effectively with administrative colleagues, staff, students, and parents (listening, speaking and writing skills).