Admissions Manager

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Eton Academy - Birmingham
Position Details: 

Eton Academy, an independent school dedicated to educating students who learn differently, is seeking a dynamic Admissions Manager who is an integral part of the school’s administrative team and is responsible for managing all facets of the admissions process in the school’s effort to attract, enroll, and retain a diverse and dynamic student population. This professional will identify and recruit appropriate students and motivate parents to ensure full enrollment. The ideal candidate must be strategic in nature, mission driven, data supported and market influenced while providing resources, information, compassion, sensitivity and kindness to families and the educational and professional community. The candidate must also be a good listener, organized, energetic, enthusiastic and comfortable presenting to large and small groups of people.


  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • At least 3 years experience in a similar position
  • Proven track record of demonstrating empathy and compassion
  • Proficient in database software
  • Outstanding presentation skills, communication skills, and organizational skills
  • Genuine interest, belief, and care for students’ personal and academic success
  • Capacity to initiate and nurture relationships with potential school families
  • Ability to showcase our student-centered community
  • Commitment to professional growth and a desire to continuously improve
  • A positive mindset and a drive for personal excellence
  • A strong sense of professional responsibility as well as personal accountability
  • Ability to understand and use data to develop strategies to increase enrollment

The essential job duties are primarily to lead, manage, and evaluate the student enrollment process – from inquiry through admission to assimilation into the school's culture. Along with process and data management, the position provides creative oversight in keeping with the school's mission, to draw, enroll and retain students. The Admissions Manager will work in partnership with families; advocate and promote the school; reports to the Head of Community Development; work collegially with administrators, fellow faculty and staff; and grow professionally. This includes time that falls outside of the regularly scheduled hours.

  • To oversee the program of admissions of new students to the school that affirms the dignity and worth of each individual and respects the needs of students and families
  • To manage prospective student and family admissions
    • effective and timely communication with candidates and families
    • organize required application documents
    • guide families through admission/enrollment processes
    • effectively and compassionately communicating final decisions to families
  • To effectively, efficiently, and accurately enter, use, and manage data and data systems
    • to advance admissions and enrollment,
    • to support annual admissions and enrollment
    • to create and submit reports
  • To meet enrollment, tour, and visit goals
  • To effectively manage admissions events at Eton and in the community
    • schedule, organize, manage effective Open House events
    • work effectively with staff, students and parents
    • effectively evaluate the success of events and implement improvements
  • To meet professional outreach and networking goals
  • To strategically manage enrollment:
    • update the 3-year enrollment projection model every June
    • complete annual projection meetings with administrators
    • attend at least one enrollment management webinar, seminar, or workshop
  • To effectively and successfully communicated the school’s mission, philosophies, and Eton Approach to families, the community, and during school tours
    • participate in at least two Eton Approach professional trainings
  • To manage the admissions and enrollment processes
    • effectively collect and evaluate applications, assessments, testing, and data
    • effectively facilitated the Admissions Committee and decision making process
    • effectively worked with various divisions to ensure the successful enrollment of accepted students
    • effectively managed the Buddy Program
  • To manage the financial assistance program
    • ensure legal compliance and consistency
    • effectively and strategically manage the financial assistance annual fund budget
    • effectively collected and managed financial assistance documents and ensured privacy
  • To maintain a positive attitude, work cooperatively in a team setting, be supportive and compliant with policies
  • To perform other duties as assigned by the head of school

Eton’s Mission

Eton Academy is committed to the education of students who learn differently. We build essential skills and confidence that foster lifelong success.

Eton Academy advocates and values diversity in all of our programs and employment. Eton Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Visit our website at to learn more about our school located in Birmingham, Michigan. 

How to Apply:

  1. Please forward your resume and cover letter via email to:
  2. Please put “Admissions Manager” in the subject line of your email.
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