Middle School Science Teacher (1.0 FTE)

Thursday, March 28, 2019
Kalamazoo Public Schools
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February 6, 2019
Secondary Science Teacher (1.0 FTE)
Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts
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Scope of Responsibilities
To help students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible men and women.
Performance Responsibilities
1. Teach District approved curriculum.
2. Meet and instruct assigned classes in the location and at the time designated.
3. Plan a program of study that meet the individual needs, interests, and ability of the students.
4. Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interest of the students.
5. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
6. Employ a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media, consistent with the physical limitations of the location provided and the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved.
7. Establish and maintain reasonable standards and procedures for pupil behavior to achieve an effective learning atmosphere.
8. Guide the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals and—in harmony with the goals—establishes clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects and the like to communicate these objectives to students.
9. Identify students for special education referrals on a regular basis, seeking the assistance of district specialists as required.
10.Evaluate pupils’ academic and social growth, keeps accurate records as and prepares progress reports.
11.Available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside the instructional day.
Minimum Qualifications
1. Four year degree from an accredited teacher preparation program.
2. Valid Michigan Teaching Certificate in area of study required.
3. Must be Highly Qualified in content area with the endorsement of DI or DX.
4. Demonstrated skill in oral and written communication.
Desirable Qualifications
1. Experience in an urban environment.
2. Ability to apply knowledge of current research and theory to instructional program.
3. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with students, peers and parents.
Please apply online at www.kalamazoopublicschools.com
Kalamazoo Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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