Occupational Therapist

Friday, June 14, 2019
Whitehall District Schools
Position Details: 

Whitehall District Schools is seeking an enthusiastic and competent professional to lead the development, implementation, and coordination of the district’s occupational therapy program.

Job Description and Essential Job Functions

  • Assist with periodic screenings/probes (including both data collection and analysis), provide teacher training, model activities to whole classrooms or small groups, and assist with team problem solving.
  • Provide targeted, evidence-based therapeutic intervention to facilitate student participation and occupational performance within the school environment.
  • Implement specialized occupational therapy techniques through individual and/or group sessions designed to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of the students.
  • Communicate with the IEP team in a timely manner, for the purpose of determining appropriate interventions and/or services are needed based on student specific needs.
  • Adapt and modify the environment including the application of assistive technology and training of instructional staff to meet individual needs and to help students function as independently as possible.
  • Contribute in early interventions, multi-tiered approach (i.e., Response to Intervention) within general education.
  • Adapt the environment, modify curriculum, support accommodations, and ensure access and participation in school activities and educational programs, and assisting in preparation for transition post-graduation.
  • Coordinate planning with other agencies or individuals involved with a student's initial entry into the school setting or reentry following an extended absence. (i.e. hospitalization)
  • Provide direct services to students based on the individual plan and goals developed, as well as provide consultative services to school staff and/or parents when appropriate.
  • Participate with collaborative teams including but not limited to IEP teams, technical assistance teams, problem-solving teams, and curriculum committees.
  • Provide teachers with suggestions for follow-up strategies and techniques, as requested and required.
  • Provide information to community groups and parents concerning occupational therapy programs as requested or needed.
  • Maintain student confidentiality in using comprehensive and secure record-keeping practices that abide by/follow... following FERPA, IDEA and HIPPA guidelines.
  • Complete and provide progress reports that reflect current goal performance data to school personnel, physicians, and parents of exceptional students as necessary and/or requested.
  • Complete appropriate reports for local, state, federal, and educational agencies.
  • Refer students who require further evaluation or follow-up services to the appropriate school personnel and/or community agencies.
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