Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Buchanan Community Schools
Position Details: 

Buchanan Community Schools:

8-12 Counselor


Buchanan High School is welcoming applicants for a professional School Counselor to be part of a professional team of counselors who proactively help students prepare for academic achievement, ensure career readiness and develop personal or social competencies through a comprehensive, preventive and developmental counseling program. The goal is to ensure that students will become productive and well-adjusted adults.

Eligible candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Valid Michigan school counselor licensure
  • Master’s Degree in guidance and counseling
  • Develops positive interpersonal relationships with colleagues, parents, and students
  • Committed to collecting data to identify at-risk students and monitoring student progress for academic and behavioral habits
  • Identifies district, community, and county/state resources and assists students and their families in accessing those services to overcome barriers to school success
  • Ability to perform duties with awareness of all district requirements and Board of Education policies
  • Ability to handle complex and stressful issues or situations with sound judgment, common sense, and a calm demeanor.
  • Impeccable character and compassion for at-risk students, their families, and all district staff

Essential Duties:

  • Develops and maintains a written plan for effective delivery of the school counseling program per the ASCA National Model.
  • Uses majority of time providing direct services through the ASCA Guidance Curriculum for students, and spends most remaining time in program management, system support, and accountability.
  • Implements developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented activities to meet individual student needs and school goals.
  • Attends district team meetings with general education staff and administration and assists in creating and monitoring interventions
  • Uses data-based decision making to assist in a problem-solving model to address student academic achievement and behavior challenges
  • Performs classroom observations of student behavior
  • Make home visits to facilitate completion of student evaluations or to meet family needs if necessary
  • Knowledge of diverse individuals and families, and their influence on learning and school-community relations
  • Ability to recognize deficits in learning patterns and to develop plans with school personnel for alternative learning experiences
  • Skill in the selective collection of information and documentation of biological, psychological, sociological and environmental factors that affect the learning process
  • Skill in identifying and assessing the social-emotional needs of pupils and the ability to design appropriate interventions to enhance the learning environment in the school
  • Skill in providing appropriate direct or indirect treatment services to individuals, groups, families, and the school community
  • Provides analysis and interpretation of information and data in oral and written reports
  • Participates in individual and group therapy/counseling and assists support groups as warranted
  • Reviews, prepares, and presents student data at REED or IEP meetings
  • Demonstrates knowledge of learning disabilities and their educational implications
  • Translates comprehensive assessment data reflecting the student’s current level of functioning into an individualized behavior program
  • Ability to share social work knowledge and skills with team members and professionals, parents, pupils, and others in the area of mental health, human behavior, and child management
  • Maintains accurate and timely records regarding student contacts, summary reports, and behavior plans
  • Make presentations to students and families regarding educational & career activities and opportunities.
  • Maintains regular contact with teaching staff regarding the needs of students/families on caseload
  • Communicates with parents regularly and as necessary for ongoing difficulties or crisis situations
  • Work closely with other counselors and teachers to direct services to all students.
  • Assist students annually with academic/career planning (EDP).
  • Participate in the development of an educational environment that promotes the acquisition of career and technical skills for all students.
  • Adheres to laws, policies, procedures, and ethical standards of the school counseling profession.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Principal or designee

Position Details:

  • Title: 8-12 Guidance Counselor
  • Reports to: Building Principal, Mrs. Stacey DeMaio
  • Starting date: 2019-20 school year; August 26, 2019
  • Calendar: 2019-20 school year, 185 work days
  • Compensation: According to BEA contract, full benefit package offered
  • Posting date: 8-17-19
  • Application deadline: August 26, 2019 by 4:00pm or until filled


Application Process:

Applicants for the position should submit the following documents using our online application located on the Buchanan Community Schools’ website and accessing the Employment link.


Uploaded documents are acceptable as one file of all scanned documents together in the area of Application Materials or as separate titled uploads in the specified areas of Application Materials and References within the online application. Please be sure to upload the following documents:


  • Letter of interest detailing the manner in which the candidate meets the qualifications and desired attributes for the position, addressed to Mrs. Stacey DeMaio, Buchanan High School Principal
  • A current resume with reference contact information
  • Unofficial photocopies of all university/college transcripts
  • Two current (within the last three years) letters of recommendation


Application and supporting materials should be submitted using

Buchanan Community Schools’ online employment link:


Application materials should be addressed to:


Mrs. Stacey DeMaio

Buchanan High School

401 West Chicago Street

Buchanan, Michigan 49107


Questions about the position or the district can be sent to Mrs. DeMaio at:





The Buchanan Community Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, (including sexual orientation or transgender identity), disability, age, religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category, (collectively, "Protected Classes"), in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities. Coordinators for Affirmative Action and review of Federal requirements are as follows: Section 504 and ADA, Karin Falkenstein (Ottawa Early Childhood Principal, 695- 8409): Title IX, Title VI and Civil Rights, Brian Pruett (H.S. Assistant Principal, 695-8404).

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