Curriculum Coordinator

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Strive Centers for Autism
Position Details: 

Strive Center for Autism is currently seeking a Curriculum Coordinator to join our outstanding team at our bright and cheerful facility.  This position will spend the equivalent of 1 day per week at the Brighton and Grand Blanc location. 

Required Qualifications:

  • Must meet all requirements of ABA Therapist position
  • Must have a background in education or relevant curriculum design experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • At least 6 months experience in ABA Therapist position OR completion of ABA Therapist training

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Work closely with BCBAs and Lead Therapists in each center
  • Responsible for working with BCBAs and Lead Therapists to organize and improve curriculum based centers in each facility
  • Responsible for recommending the appropriate curriculum based centers for each facility
  • Responsible for organizing the materials in the curriculum based centers in each facility
  • Responsible for lesson planning for group lessons in both facilities
  • Responsible for providing lesson plans to Therapists when Therapists are required to lead the group lesson
  • Responsible for training Therapists on leading lessons and communicating clearly with Therapists regarding the expectations for leading lessons
  • Responsible for leading group lessons whenever possible, in all locations, based on individual schedule, in order to model best practices
  • Responsible for collecting and summarizing data on progress in group lessons, both on curriculum and on individual goals generated by BCBA
  • Responsible for coordinating with BCBA to provide input on individual goals for children within the group lesson and center format
  • Responsible for generating crafts and other activities that follow the curriculum for each facility
  • Responsible for providing all materials needed for crafts and other activities to each facility on a monthly basis, typically by providing the list of crafts and the tools for therapists on site to create samples and organize materials
  • Responsible for communicating with Therapists regarding the crafts and other activities, including explaining how materials are organized, when materials should be used, what additional materials from the center may be needed
  • Responsible for providing each facility with an organized framework for circle time, to include the required activities and songs that will be repeated daily, books and songs to rotate in that follow the curriculum/theme, and periodic changes of the standard activities and songs to be changed at least quarterly
  • Responsible for coordinating with Lead Therapist and BCBA regarding the structure and activities of all lessons and responding to their feedback regarding the need for adjustment (may need to be changed more than quarterly for example)
  • Must respond to feedback from all Therapists and BCBAs regarding any aspect of the curriculum, and work with them to address the needs of each facility and the individual clients they serve
  • Responsible for visual schedules for children – developing the schedules, keeping them up to date, teaching therapists how to teach schedules, and ensuring that therapists are implementing correctly.


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