Executive Director of Business Services

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Position Details: 

Pay  Competitive salary based on qualifications and experience - full benefits package
Schedule:  Full Year position 

Applicants for this position must meet the following criteria:

  1. Possess a minimum of a BA in accounting or related field.  Master's degree or CPA preferred. 
  2. School accounting and a minimum of five years accounting experience preferred.
  3. Must possess or be eligible for Michigan Chief School Business Official certification.
  4. Ability to prepare and interpret financial data.
  5. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
  6. Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively, positively, and make difficult decisions based on the best interest of the district.
  7. Possess strong interpersonal and problem solving skills along with excellent speaking and written communication skills.
  8. Display strong organizational skills as well as a vision for this area of responsibility.

Apply online at https://www.applitrack.com/ghaps/OnlineApp/default.aspx