High School Restorative Justice Coordinator

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Mason Consolidated Schools
Position Details: 
  1. Intervention Support and Restorative Justice Coordinator
  2. Research, develop, and lead restorative justice practices to support all students.
  3. Assist administrators in developing and supporting a safe and responsive school culture.
  4. Build and foster positive relationships with identified students to promote an engaging and productive learning environment for social and emotional growth.
  5. Participate in the school wide MTSS process and help support staff with student behavioral and emotional needs.
  6. Interact positively with student groups by leading leadership seminars and different support groups.
  7. Engage in professional development, stay current with the best school practices and research in the field of MTSS and Restorative Justice practices.
  8. Display passion and optimism, inspire, respect and express enthusiasm, enjoyment and humor
  9. Connect with students and demonstrate care for them while supporting the implementation of the schools MTSS process for academic, behavioral and emotional concerns.
  10. Works with school leaders and staff to preserve the safety and integrity of the learning climate while maximizing students’ opportunities to learn.
  11. Confers with teachers to implement practices that promote a students’ sense of belonging and academic engagement.
  12. Works with teachers and school leaders to review student data including disciplinary infractions.
  13. Communicates effectively with parents and includes them in the support process.
  14. Coordinates and implements restorative justice practices that teach students proactive problem solving skills and coping mechanisms.
  15. Display willingness to make decisions: exhibit sound and accurate judgement, support and explain reasoning for decisions with research/proof to back up those decisions.Be able to make timely decisions include appropriate people in the process.
  16. Approach others in a tactful manner.React well under pressure while treating others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position.
  17. Knowledge of restorative circles and how to implement and properly facilitate to solve and prevent conflict.
Job Type: