Thursday, January 26, 2017
Focus: HOPE
Position Details: 

Career Technical Education (CTE) Note: Course held at Central High School (EAA)

General Statement of Duties:
The Computer Fundamentals Instructor will instruct, tutor and evaluate students in the areas specific to computer literacy including skills in the current Microsoft operating system, Business Applications, networking basics, communications and customer service.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Deliver student instruction with blended learning styles of online, traditional lecture, group activities/projects, and mastery level learning, where applicable. 
•    Innovative delivery of course material to maximize student outcomes and potential 
•    Instructs computer literacy courses on using a MS operating system, the Internet, MS Office, and MS Outlook.
•    Instructs business applications, non-technical communications and customer service courses.   Applications include MS Office, Outlook, Project and Sharepoint.
•    Measures and records students attendance and competency level within courses
•    Report and follow-up until resolution of any classroom or equipment problems in classrooms and lab rooms.
•    Assists students in achieving academic, attendance and attitude standards.
•    Enforces discipline for students enrolled in assigned classes.
•    Handles the Classroom Management process for students enrolled in assigned classes.
•    Participates in curriculum development team pertaining to computer literacy classes and certification 
•    Identifies and evaluates materials for assigned classes.
•    Demonstrates a high standard of professional excellence
•    Other duties as assigned by management

Skills and Abilities:
•    Strong Commitment to civil and human rights
•    Strong commitment to guiding students to success
•    Excellent communication skills ranging a very diverse population
•    Ability to instruct and coach High School age students 
•    Ability to maintain a learning environment aligned with Focus: HOPE standards
•    Advanced skills in using Internet, E-mail and current versions of MS Office and Outlook
•    Ability to keep information confidential and secure
•    Ability to develop curriculum with metrics of competency incorporated
•    Ability to integrate varied learning tools within curriculum
•    Demonstrate initiative and professionalism

Education, Training and Experience:
•    B.S. in Secondary or Vocational Education preferred, or B.A. in Communications, or two years of experience in instructing business applications, communications and/or customer relation’s courses.  
•    One year customer service experience or CBP-Customer Service certified.
•    MOS certified preferred.
•    MDE (Michigan Department of Education) Teachers Certification required 
    Business Education (GX)
    Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology (GQ)
    Industrial Technology (IX)
    Educational Technology (NP)
    Computer Science (NR)
o    Instructors with the following CIPs may teach this program (Provisional/Professional/Continuing teaching certificate not required):
    Business Admin Management & Operations 52.0299 
    Business Services and Technology 52.9999 
    Business, Management & Administration 52.9994
     Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications 11.0901 
    Data Processing/Business 07.0301
     Information Communication 14.0400
     Information Technology 11.1000 
    Marketing Education 08.0708
     Marketing, Sales and Service 52.1999 
    Marketing, Sales and Services 08.0700

Supervision Received
Performs duties under the supervision of the CTE Program Manager.

Job Type: