Director of Communications

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Oakridge Public Schools
Position Details: 


December 21, 2016


Looking for an innovative communicator that is passionate about our district’s mission and can authentically connect with the millennial generation to baby boomers alike in our community.  We desire someone skilled in using both the digital media tools of the world we live in and the traditional strong writing/speaking skills that can portray a clear message from complex education related issues.  We desire a purpose driven individual with relational energy that can make a measurable impact advocating for kids and public education.


  1. Bachelor’s degree with a major in communication, journalism, marketing, public relations or related area OR experiences that prepare candidate to perform job duties effectively.
  2. Demonstrated ability to communicate with others in both written and verbal form; skilled in public relations, community relations, marketing, and media relations.
  3. Prefer experience in schools and/or public sector.
  4. Prefer experience in marketing/advertising, print operations, publications, website management, and/or digital communication.
  5. Prefer evidence of technological proficiency, particularly digital video/photographs, social media and digital analytics. 
  6. Must have a valid driver’s license where travel among the district buildings and outside of district occurs on a regular, ongoing basis.


Summary:  Provide leadership and direction for all internal and external district communication, including publications, social media, and community relations, consistent with a well-defined strategy that supports and aligns with the district’s strategic plan and communications audit profile.  Develop, direct and implement marketing and communications strategies for Oakridge Public Schools ensuring that all district communication, marketing and public relations activities are cohesive, consistent and effective in supporting the District’s mission and goals.  A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

  1. Develops, manages, implements and evaluates a communications plan in a manner consistent with the district’s strategic plan.
  2. Develops, standardizes, and manages the district’s technological communication vehicles and protocols to further strengthen its image.  Coordinate and train on the maintenance of District’s website; monitor website ADA compliance and search engine optimization metrics.
  3. Provide expert advice to the School Board, administrators and staff on communications.
  4. Provides training on customer service techniques to ensure district maintains a positive public image.
  5. Assist leaders in communication efforts to address educational issues, legislative advocacy, and decisions with stake holders using innovative strategies.
  6. Plan, coordinate and evaluate effectiveness of all district communications including web, video, print, speakers and community events; Provide leadership regarding website use to share and obtain information; Establish and manage brand guide and standards for print, electronic, and other public communication materials.
  7. Serve as District liaison to community by serving as the key contact with the media and community organizations; Distribute news and information, and maintain contacts and positive working relationships with the media and community organizations; Assist Superintendent to develop and implement major information campaigns for district elections or events.
  8. Manage day to day public relations/communication activities including event calendars; Prepare and monitor budget expenditures within established parameters; Provide leadership for district wide events including employee recognition and community outreach activities.
  9. Identify opportunities for positive media coverage and develop publications, web or radio presentations to reach key audiences; Anticipate emerging issues and concerns and develop appropriate communications regarding those issues.
  10. Manage internal communication vehicles and technology tools for access by all staff; Manage internal communications plan to provide staff with essential and timely information about district wide issues, policies, decisions and problems.
  11. Develop and conduct community surveys to measure effectiveness of communications and identify issues of educational interest and concern to residents; Evaluate public attitudes, promote district programs and initiatives to the community, and execute a plan of action to deepen the community trust and partnership.  Utilizes information in developing goals for district as a whole.
  12. Contribute to media relations efforts by developing story concepts, write and edit press releases, and production of the district newsletters and other district communications.
  13. Coordinate crisis management communication in partnership with superintendent;
  14. Administer special projects as assigned by Superintendent of Schools.
  15. Establish and coordinate a Key Communicator Network of community stakeholders to assess accuracy of messages and feedback.
  16. Recruit, train, and support volunteers needed for district activities.
  17. Provides leadership for volunteer and employee efforts to inform and engage elected officials and governmental staff in support of public education.
  18. Provides leadership for district funding referendums.
  19. Provides district and public information on elections affecting schools.
  20. Communicates and collaborates effectively with all building administrators.
  21. Serves as United Way fundraiser coordinator for district.
  22. Coordinates start of school year staff orientation and breakfast.
  23. Prepares and participates in employee orientation.
  24. Arranges for staff trainings as requested.
  25. Attends evening and early morning meetings or events as necessary.
  26. Reports regularly to the Superintendent on any developments or problems within the district requiring the Superintendent’s awareness or action to ensure successful leadership of the district by the superintendent.

INTERNAL/EXTERNAL APPLICANT PROCEDURE:  Please apply through our online application system at to complete an online application.  Additional required documents must be uploaded including a cover letter, resume, most recent evaluation, three references, and university transcripts.

HOURS OF WORK:                                      Full time, 52 weeks per year  Benefits:  vacation time, full family insurance, pension

DEADLINE FOR APPLYING:                        January 26, 2017 or until filled.

SALARY:                                                     Commensurate with experience

STARTING DATE:                                        March 1, 2017 or as soon as feasible.



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