Executive Director of the School Equity Caucus

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
School Equity Caucus
Position Details: 

The School Equity Caucus is seeking candidates to become their next Executive Director. The current Executive Director is retiring June 30, 2017 after a successful career. The School Equity Caucus is a voluntary membership organization with approximately 200 school district members. The purpose of the School Equity Caucus is to provide education and lobbying efforts to promote the cause of equity in school funding in Michigan by reducing/eliminating historic discrepancies in state spending between school districts in the state.

There is administrative and lobbying support for the Executive Director but the person in this role operates independently most of the time while being overseen by a Board of Directors made up of thirteen (13) superintendents from member districts.

The Executive Director is a contracted employee, compensated at $65,000 per year, plus expenses.  It generally takes 20-30 hours per week to perform the functions of this position, varying by legislative activities and needs of the organization. The Executive Director has significant freedom and flexibility in performing his/her duties and is expected to provide leadership and high quality communication for the membership.

A letter of interest which contains rationale for the applicant’s qualifications for the position, and a professional resume should be submitted prior to that date to the Caucus’ search consultant at:

Thomas White LLC
13635 Canyonwood Close
​Dewitt, Michigan 48820

Mr. White may be contacted by phone at 517.515.1604 or by e-mail at tomwhite2251@gmail.com

Key Dates:

  • February 1, 2017, 1:00 pm – Deadline for Applications
  • February 8, 2017 – Review of Applications and Selection of Interviewees
  • February 21, 2017 – Initial Interviews
  • February 28, 2017 – Final Interviews

Additional information which should be considered in making an application:

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities, Attributes, Responsibilities for Executive Director of School Equity Caucus

Knowledgeable about:

  • Michigan school finance past and present
  • School funding in general, especially the issue of equity
  • Michigan schools and school leadership
  • Organizing and running meetings efficiently
  • Michigan’s legislative process and players
  • Rules, regulations and techniques of lobbying
  • School administration, especially superintendents’ roles and responsibilities
  • Rules and regulations for Michigan schools
  • The most recent trends in education
  • Working with a board in a volunteer organization
  • Creation and advancement of political positions

Skills/Abilities in:

  • Dealing with people who agree or disagree with Caucus’ viewpoint
  • Use of technology, including social media
  • Communication – written and spoken, informational and persuasive
  • Working with legislators and legislative process
  • Interpreting legislative and legal documents
  • Presenting before groups, including testimony before legislative committees
  • Collaborative techniques for decision making
  • Producing a high quality, detailed newsletter sometimes under a tight deadline


  • High level of energy and dedication
  • Dynamic, self-directed and motivated
  • Passionate about equity in school funding
  • Demonstrated leadership in public education

Work hours:

  • Varies based on a variety of factors, generally 20-30 hours per week

Main Responsibilities:

  • Tracking legislation
  • Recruiting and maintaining SEC membership
  • Maintaining a personal presence in the Capitol
  • Developing relationships with key legislators
  • Testifying on legislative issues – the School Aid Act in particular
  • Regularly reporting on legislative and education issues to the SEC membership
  • Responding to communications on behalf of SEC
  • Coordinating legislative activities on behalf of membership
  • Overseeing contract lobbyist, SEC finances and membership activities
  • Represents SEC with other school related organizations
  • Generally promoting awareness of equity issues with legislators, schools, public
  • Generating supportive information for members to use on SEC issues
  • Coordinating SEC member and board meetings

Answers to: School Equity Caucus Board of Directors


  • $65,000 annual payment as contracted employee
  • Expenses for travel and use of phone
  • Other as negotiated
Job Type: