School Psychologist (Special Education)

Friday, January 27, 2017
Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System
Position Details: 

Position:                    School Psychologist (Special Education)                                                                                                               Time:                          Academic School Calendar (full-time)

Location:                   Academy-Wide (Edgewood/King/MHA)

Reports To:               Director of Special Education and/or Designee

Salary:                        Per Academy Guidelines


Support instructional programs by reviewing reports of team members, mentoring colleagues and supporting professional accountability. Performs specialized psychological work in an educational setting to enable students to achieve optimal learning. Collects, interprets, and synthesizes information about a student’s perceptual functioning, academic achievement, intelligence, social/emotional adjustment, and significant crises that influence academic and behavioral functioning. Works cooperatively as an interdisciplinary team member to provide services and to devise an appropriate service plan for referred students and their families.



  1. Must possess a Master’s degree or higher.
  2. Must possess a State of Michigan School Psychologist Certificate per MCL 380.1251 of the Revised School Code.
  3. Must possess the ability to synthesize and interpret assessment data.
  4. Must possess comprehensive knowledge of school psychology theory, child development, substance abuse education, tests and measurements, and crisis management.
  5. Must possess the ability to apply assessment, counseling, interviewing, and crisis intervention skills.
  6. Must possess the ability to work cooperatively as an interdisciplinary team member.
  7. Must possess excellent communication and time management skills.
  8. Must possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with community agencies, students, families, team members, and others.


Job Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Performs casework services with students and families to help resolve student’s behavioral and social problems.
  2. Select and administer age appropriate assessment methods and materials in order to determine the needs of the student.
  3. Consult with teachers and other school personnel to obtain information regarding the reason for referral. Gather background information on the student’s psychological history by conducting behavioral observations, making home visits, conducting interviews, and reviewing school records.
  4. Interprets assessment results and compiles comprehensive psychological assessment reports that address the reason for referral and include appropriate recommendations.
  5. Serve as a member of the interdisciplinary assessment team assigned to each school and works as a team member in making placement decisions, developing intervention plans, and planning programs to meet the special needs of children.
  6. Communicate case findings and recommendations to teachers and other school personnel as needed. Participates in eligibility committee meetings and contributes to the development of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  7. Confer with and provide information, support, and counseling to parents/guardians of students. Make recommendations regarding mental health issues and proper procedures for the identification and referral of students.
  8. Organize and conduct specialized programs to include parent training classes and student support activities.
  9. Conduct specialized individual and group counseling sessions to address specific emotional, social, and behavioral needs of students.
  10. Serve as a liaison between the student, home, school, private counseling facilities and community resources such as social services, court services, and family service agencies.
  11. Provide follow-up support and periodic re-evaluation services as necessary.
  12. Act as a member of the school crisis team to provide intervention to students as necessary.
  13. Compile monthly reports and maintains accurate case records.
  14. Model nondiscriminatory practices in all activities.
  15. Maintain adequate and current testing materials required by school psychologists.
  16. Other duties as assigned.


Closing Date For Receipt of Application Must Be Postmarked on or Before:

January 27, 2017 by 4:00 p.m. or until position is filled          

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